The Only Path That Matters...

2020-06-27 01:55:24

There is only one direction to go in life, and that is FORWARD.

Forward! My friends!


There is only one direction to go in life, and that is FORWARD.

Because victory is ONLY achieved by moving FORWARD!

Greatness only comes to those who move forward!

And we, my friends, we aspire to be victorious and great!

We aspire to be the best we can be!

So promise me that today the only direction you'll be going is FORWARD.

Forward = Progression


We ONLY move forward.

Forward is the ultimate path to victory.

Because forward means progression.

Forward means becoming better every day, in every way.

Forward means immersing in life more and more every day.

Forward means every day we get stronger, we learn more, and we improve.

Forward means every day we are discovering, creating, and experimenting.

Forward means every day we are winning.

And victory is never ending.

Temporary victory is meaningless.

True victory is victory forever!

There is no way we will ever stop moving forward!

Even if it's just a minor step forward, I will take it.

Every day I move forward!

Don't Wait Or Listen To Others

Repeat after me: "I ONLY MOVE FORWARD".

Forward is the only direction that makes sense.

There is no other way.

If it's not about moving forward, then I cannot stay.

There is no looking back or waiting for others!

Those who look back or wait for others will fall behind.

Those who open themselves up to negativity are bound to fall behind.

Have deaf ears for everything that deviates (drives you away) you from the path of moving forward.

Don't listen to others unless it has to do with moving forward.

The world can throw anything at me.

It can throw negativity, setbacks, problems, and so on...

But whatever the world may throw at me, I will continue to move forward.

Moving backward or staying still is equivalent to being dead.

Time continually moves forward. So move forward with it.

If you stay in the past or stay stale (not moving), you're as good as dead.

Albert Einstein once said, "Once you stop learning, you start dying".

So don't stop learning, improving, and growing my friend.

Live as if whatever you do and experience in this world is gonna to the next life.

The Hard Path



The path we walk is the hardest and loneliest path anyone could walk.

It's the path of constant effort, sacrifice, and struggle.

But it's the ultimate path.

It's the path that brings true fulfillment and happiness.

In this path, people are gonna try to hold you back.

People are gonna dislike, hate, envy, question you, and ridicule you.

That's because you'll be like a mirror to them.

They'll compare their path to yours.

Don't listen or worry about them.

The best thing a person can do is ignore those who try to hold us back and follow those who want to move forward.

Even though the group that moves forward may be small or even non existent at the time.

Because moving forward is the only thing that matters.

It's the path of constant self-reflection and improvement.

Where you are bare naked in front of yourself and god.

Something most people don't dare imagine.

You're going through a fire of refinement and growth.

Something most people don't dare to go through.

Can't You See?

Can't you see my friends, that moving forward is the ultimate path to success, happiness, enlightenment, and fulfillment?

Forward in every way. Forward physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Can't you see that the only way to change the world is by moving forward?

Let's go on and march forward!

The path of success can be long... but it's worth it.

It can be 1,000 miles, 1,000,000 miles, or 1,000,000,000 miles.

It does not matter how long it is...

The only way to get there is by moving forward.

And I will take every step of the way.

Any destination is reached a step at a time.


As long as we are moving forward, we will win.

Nothing can stop us.