The Oath Of Responsibility

2020-06-10 02:36:56

This is a vow/oath I made to myself. Feel free to read it and see if it's something you would like to implement in your life. I strongly believe this is a promise you must make to yourself if you want to be successful in life. When you read this, you are reading it to your inner self. The I's are really just you... your spiritual self.

This post is still under construction...

Today I make a vow to myself that will change the course of my life forever.

Today I promise to take responsibility for everything in my life.

I will take responsibility for every thought, action, reaction, and decision I make in my life.

I will take responsibility for the consequences, whether good or bad, that come with my decisions or actions.

I will take responsibility for my own health, education, and success.

I will take responsibility for others that are under my wings such as my family, close friends, and other people around me.

This oath will be the start of a new life for me.

Today I take the wheel of my ship and set the sails to the direction I want to go.

I'm in control of my life.

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my universe.

I Have The Power To Choose

At this moment, right now, I can choose.

I can choose to be responsible of my decisions or just let the world control my decisions.

I know I can't choose everything in my life. A lot of the stuff in my life is already chosen for me.

But I know I can choose the thoughts, decisions, actions, and reactions in my life.

And I know I don't have control over the stuff that happens out there in the world.

And I don't have control over other people and their thoughts and emotions.

But I definitely have 100% control of how I react to what the world throws at me.

The world may be bitter, cruel, and unfair.

But I will not frail.

The world can throw anything at me...

But I will prevail...

I can choose today to go North, West, East, or South.

I can choose today what to eat.

I can choose today to eat crap or choose to eat right.

I can choose how to spend my time today.

I can choose to be productive today, or choose to relax and get entertained.

I can choose to be good or bad.

I have the power to choose.

In the end, all these choices have consequences, and today I choose to accept them all.

I'm 100% Responsible For Everything

Wherever I am in life, I know it's because of me.

It's all because of me...

Every decision I have made has led up to this point in life where I'm in today.

I may not be where I want to be in life, but that doesn't deny the fact that it was because of me.

Today though I decide to take control of my life.

I accept the consequences of the choices I made in life whether they were good or bad.

I will learn from my decisions and forgive myself for any regrets and mistakes I've made in my life.

And if part of the consequences were because of other people's misdoings or carelessness, then let God judge them.

My life is my responsibility. I take 100% accountability of what I do. I Blame No One.

I'm the one who chooses who to listen to, what to read, and what to watch.

I'm the one who chooses who to associate with and who to be influenced by.

I'm the one who chooses how to react to every situation, good, bad, or neutral.

I accept the consequences of my decisions and blame no one!

And if I do end up making up excuses or blaming others, I will do my best to recognize what I have done and take responsibility for it.

If I fall today, it was my fault.

I will drag no one with me.

I will not live vicariously through other people.

I will not cheat, beg, or steal from anyone.

I will not demand help from anyone.

I will not owe anyone anything.

And I will appreciate everything and everyone who gives me without conditions.

And whenever I can give to those in need, I will and without conditions.

I choose to think for myself.

I Set The Sails

I cannot blame others for how I think or what I believe.

I will not say others have influenced me to do something, that's why I did it.


I am the captain of my ship!

And I am the one in control of the wheel. If someone else takes it, it's because I let them so.

I Am Responsible For My Success And The Success Of Others

Success in every way is my responsibility.

Success in health, in wealth, in education, in spirituality, and in everything else all depend on me.

I will do everything I can to achieve success.

If the circumstances are not right in my position to succeed, then I will find the right circumstances.

I know in the world that not everyone has the same opportunities or the right circumstances in life to succeed.

But I'm not going to let that stop me from succeeding.

If I can't find the right circumstances, then I will build the right circumstances.

Success is not gonna come from the sky or knock on my door.

I must go look for it if I ever want to find it.

I must do everything required to be successful.

I must work hard, sacrifice, overcome, think, plan, focus, invest, implement, persist, and so on if I ever want to succeed.

I will do my best, no matter what, to succeed.

And those who try to get in my way will lose.

I will continue to persist until the end of time.

And I will overcome because I have taken the responsibility to do whatever it takes to succeed.

The Ultimate Way To Change The World

The only way I can change the world, is by taking 100% responsibility for everything I do.

I understand that I depend on others and others depend on me.

I can't help others unless I'm dependable.

And to be dependable, I must take 100% responsibility for my choices and the consequences of those choices.

The Promise

Dear self.

Today I promise to take responsibility. Responsibility for everything.

Today I promise to do my best and be my best.

I promise to achieve success no matter what it takes for myself, my family, and others.

I promise to take responsibility of my actions towards others and lead through example.

I promise to never blame anyone ever again. To never make any excuses. And never complain for anything insignificant anymore.

And If I do fail, I will acknowledge my mistakes and fix them as soon as possible.

Let my new life begin all under my control.