The Good Guy Vs The Bad Guys In Your Body. Who Will Win?

2020-07-17 02:02:40

"Hello there my friend. Is there room for one more like me in your stomach?"

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The Battle For Your Gut. Who Will Win?

Did you know...?

At least 70% of your immune system function depends on how well your good bacteria environment is off in your gut? (I'll tell you why in a bit).

And did you also know that...

You have about 9X more bacteria than cells in your entire body?

When people think of bacteria, they think of some kind of miniature (small) living creature that causes harm to other living things.

But as you'll see in a second, some bacteria are probably the most powerful ally you can have for your health.

And some bacteria can also be some of your worst enemies.

Since the day you were born, there's been a war between "good" and "bad" bacteria in your gut.

It's an ongoing war throughout your life that will never end.

Whoever is winning will determine a major part of your health.

If the good bacteria dominate, your health will dramatically improve.

If the bad bacteria take over though... your health will dip very low... inviting disease and other stuff you don't want.

About 100 trillion or more bacteria living in your gut right now.

Bacteria can even be found in the lungs, where they further help immunity and combat respiratory illnesses.

Depending on how well you take care of yourself (more on that later), these bacteria can either mostly consist of good beneficial bacteria or bad harmful bacteria.

Note: Bad bacteria are always trying to take over you. Good bacteria are the ones who prevent that from happening.

The important question is, who's winning the battle over your body right now?

Do you know?

You must know because your entire health literally depends on this.

Don't worry though because I'm gonna tell you how to make sure the good bacteria AKA the good guys win.

Your gut plays a MAJOR role in your entire health.

That's because your gut is literally connected to everything else in your body.

Your gut is also a major home and battleground for good bacteria and bad bacteria.

The amount of good vs bad bacteria in your gut will determine a major part of how healthy your gut.

And how healthy your gut is will play a MAJOR role in how healthy your ENTIRE body is.

I need you to understand this very carefully, so let me say it again in other words: If your gut is screwed, then so is the rest of the body.

People, in general, don't really think about their gut and the battle between good bacteria vs the bad when it comes to their health.

Part of it has to do with education.

You don't have to worry about that part because I'm about to show you how the good bacteria in your gut has a major impact on your health.

When some people think of their gut (or the digestive system), all they think it does is digest food, absorb nutrients, and then dump it all out.

As long as they're going to the restroom, it's all fine. Right?

Not necessarily.

The health of your gut is linked to the health of your immune system, your brain, your heart, your kidneys, your liver, your nervous system, respiratory system, lymph system, and on and on....

You see...

Before you have a liver problem.

Before you have kidney problems.

Before you have a brain problem.

Before you have cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's...

Before you have any of that stuff and anything else alike, you probably have a gut problem.

Let me show you why and how.

The MAJOR Jobs Of Your Gut

Your gut so many important things it does for the body.

Some of the major things include digesting food, absorbing nutrients, helping you fight outside invaders (like bad bacteria and viruses), and eliminating toxins and waste.

Good bacteria helps the digestive system perform these function well and smoothly.

But if the number of good bacteria starts to dwindle in your gut and bad bacteria take over, your gut will perform these functions poorly.

And that's when major problems start to set in.

Stuff like constipation, self-toxicity, auto-immune disorders, poor nutrient absoption, and so on...

If these problems persist long enough, other problems are gonna start cropping up in other places in the body.

You can link almost any major disease like diabetes or cancer to your gut health.

There is a saying that goes "death begins in the colon".

It's true.

Our gut is usually the first thing we mess up before everything else messes up.

Every day, with our lifestyles and diet, we are destroying the health of our gut.

If your gut suffers, as a consequence the rest of the body suffers.

Here is a good example of how your gut can affect the rest of your body, and how good bacteria can help you.

You see, your gut serves as a major drain pipe to get rid of toxins in the body.

Toxins are cancerous substances that can destroy your organs and cause chronic inflammation.

Toxins can come from outside stuff like processed food, pollution, and/or even medications. And Toxins can also come from your body from natural processes like cell death residue.

If in any way your gut can't get rid of toxins, they will get reabsorbed back into the body.

This puts a major load on your body.

This is what's refered to as self-toxicity.

Self-toxicity is perhaps one of the leading causes of disease and yet people don't realize this.

When bad bacteria takes over your gut, not only will they produce their own toxins, but they will also slow down the draining process of your gut (constipation and slow dogestion ).

The slowing down of digestion does not allow for toxins to leave the body.

When this happens, toxins will get reabsorbed back into the bloodstream.

Putting a further load onto your immune system, lymph system, liver, kidneys, and any other systems will have to deal with them.

Imagine your body having to deal with this constantly throughout a period of time?

You'll be surprised how often this is happening in modern/westernized societies now in days.

No wonder people are getting sick today more often than ever.

Having an unhealthy gut has been linked to various conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular/heart disease, and so on...

When one gut problem happens, usually other gut problems also arise.

If your gut isn't digesting properly, you're probably also not absorbing nutrients well.

Imagine now how that will affect your body?

Your body already dealing with so many toxins and then not having enough nutrients/resources to help your body out?

I'm not trying to scare you... Well, actually, I'm am.

But I just want to make sure you are aware.

Good bacteria don't just help your gut work smoothly to get rid of toxins. They also help destroy toxins themselves.

They even help fight off outside invaders that can cause harm to the body.

They even help ease off food intolerant symptoms like food allergies and diarrhea.

So I urge you to keep on reading and learn how to create a good environment for good bacteria to thrive in your gut.

And how to properly supplement on good bacteria to make sure your gut is working optimally to keep you healthy.

Probiotics And Your Immune System

In the previous section, I talked about how self-toxicity can put a heavy load on the body.

This is especially true for the immune system.

Toxic load makes your immune system functions crumble (get weaker).

The more toxic load on the immune system, the more weaker it will get.

Remember, your immune system is responsible for fighting against diseases like coronavirus, the flu, and so on.

Your immune system is also responsible for making sure cancer does not develop in the body.

Do you want an immune system working poorly when dealing with the important things I just mentioned?

Reducing the amount of any kind of toxins that affect the body can greatly increase the capacity of the immune system.

You can learn how to do that with probiotics in the previous section:

Major jobs of the gut.

If you don't want to read the previous section, here's a quick recap:

Good bacteria help take a major load off the immune system by:

  • Destroying toxins themselves.
  • Destroying outside invaders like viruses, bacteria, fungi, and so on...
  • Producing nutrients that boost the immune system. (More on this later).
  • Helping the gut digest food and get rid of waste so it does not get backed up (absorbed back into your body!).

How Probiotics Specifically Help Out The Immune System

They say beneficial bacteria are responsible for up to 80-90% of your immune system function.

Think about it...

If half of the good bacteria in your gut are taken over bad bacteria, then about 45% of your immunity is affected.

Not just that...

That 45% of your immune system function now ha to deal with all the toxins bad bacteria bring into your system...

It's no wonder people get sick...

But how can good bacteria affect so much of your immune system?

Well, let me show you a few ways good bacteria affect the immune system.

  • Probiotics can serve as anti-oxidants themselves. They help your immune system get rid of toxins that can destroy your body and lead to disease.
  • Probiotics function as immunomodulators. This means probiotics can help the immune system communicate with itself effectively, making sure it does not damage itself (which can happen a lot to some people).
  • Probiotics produce immune-enhancing factors such as lactoferrin that directly boost your immune function.
  • Probiotics produce immune-enhancing factors such as lactoferrin that directly boost your immune function. Probiotics also produce B vitamins that supports your immune system greatly.
  • Probiotics can help form a barrier around your digestive system. This barrier blocks and even directly kills many pathogens such as bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and yeast. If probiotics don't deal with these pathogens, your immune system will. That will put stress on the immune system. Meaning, it won't be performing as best as it should.


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