The Epic Battles Of The Mind and The Self Pt.1

2020-06-24 02:29:46

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or demons, heaven or hell.

Everyday a battle takes place within you.

It is as if two opposing sides are constantly at war with each other.

What are the two sides I'm talking about?

The two sides I'm talking about have been referred to in many ways.

Some call it the self or outer self VS the inner self.

Some call it the subconscious mind VS the conscious mind.

Some refer to it as Mind vs Matter or the spirit vs the flesh.

And other's will refer it as evil vs good or sin vs holiness.

Either way, you call it, there is some kind of indication there's a conflict within each of us.

A struggle between two opposing sides of some sort.

Tell me. Have you ever felt this struggle within yourself?

A Short Story On How I Have Struggled With This "Monster"

For as long as I remember I've been at "war" with myself.

Some time ago, around early to mid teens, I remember thinking to myself that there's something within me that I felt was holding me back.

In one of my journals back then I even remember calling this something "the monster within".

Why did I call it a monster?

Well, I realize there was something about me, about my nature, that bothered me.

I had goals and tasks I wanted to accomplish.

But for some reason, stuff like procrastination, laziness, distractions, and so on will take over.

I saw I was acting on impulses and desires.

These impulses and desires were just short term pleasures or successes.

Stuff like video games, masturbation, junk food, tv, reading random stuff on the internet, and so on are examples of things the body immediately wants.

These things brought me only short term satisfaction, but never long term satisfaction AKA fulfillment.

I realized that my nature is to be lazy, seek immediate gratification without caring about future consequences, and get easily get distracted.

I realized that part of success was not just doing something progressive, but also overcoming my nature within.


There have been days where I've become so upset because I couldn't overcome this monster.

Some days, I'll be extremely devastated because it will completely take over me for days, weeks, and even months.

At other times, when I did conquer this monster, I felt EMPOWERED.

Even if it was for just a moment... I felt a sense of victory.

I can't say I have 100% fully conquered this monster though.

Every day there is this conflict going on within me.

And every darn day is a struggle.

You don't conquer the monster today and wake up the next day victorious.

It seems like this monster lives with you forever.

Perhaps part of our main mission in life is to fully overcome this monster.

We must become something greater than ourselves.

Overcome The Monster Within You!

Warrior, I call you onto the battlefield!

The foe you're about to fight is the greatest and toughest enemy you will ever fight in your life.

This battle will be constant and never-ending.

As soon as you let your guard down, this enemy will take over and bring you down without any hesitation.

You must always be weary and conscious of this monster.

Many men and women have faltered against this foe.

And now they live miserable lives.

They live their lives enslaved to this enemy.

They live their lives in sorrow, despair, fear, and unhappiness/unfulfillment.

Don't let this happen to you.

Promise me you'll do your best to always stay one step ahead of this monster.

Promise me you're gonna stand back up after you fall.

Promise me you'll never give up.

Because overcoming this monster is true freedom and happiness.

If you can't overcome this monster, success in any way is impossible.

Go on my dear warrior.

Fight this monster with all your might!

If you ever lose a battle, remember you haven't lost the war.

Immediately get back up and keep fighting.

Don't let this monster win the war.

Don't let this monster consume you!