Does Vitamin C Really Boost Your Immune System To Destroy Coronavirus And Other Diseases?

2020-07-10 01:45:28

Arrgh! Tell me who this coronavirus guy is and I'll take care of em.

Vitamin C For The Win?

You've heard of vitamin C, right?

The infamous vitamin you should take if you want to have a strong immune system?

Some people say that if you chug a bunch of vitamin C, your immune system will get stronger than this guy:

"Huh. Wait. What!? What am I doing here!"

Some people have claimed that it will literally prevent and destroy the cold, flu, and even coronavirus.

Is it true?

Some people will say it's true.

And some people say, well, it's fake news (usually a big medical establishment).

A big lie to get you to purchase more vitamin C supplements from the store!

So who's right?


Huh? What Do you mean?

The problem is people today keep seeing everything as a magic bullet (one solution for everything).

People: "Hey man. Take this supplement and I swear all your problems will go away"!

But you're smarter than that.

You understand your body is a very complex system.

No one vitamin, mineral, or whatever nutrient is gonna give your body superpowers or heal a disease by itself.

Vitamin C is just another way to help your entire body become healthier so it has the capability to overcome a disease or injury.

Like I always say: doing everything you can to make the body healthier is the way to go.

"arrghh... I knew that already."

So yes, vitamin C can help you overcome diseases like the coronavirus and even cancer.

But it will not prevent or completely cure disease by itself.

So with that out of the way... Let me show you how you can use vitamin C to help you overcome diseases.

Vitamin C is a bit tricky and confusing though.

Vitamin C is pretty easy to get... but there's a catch.

In order to benefit from vitamin C, you need to understand first how it works with your body.

Once you understand this, you'll know how to use vitamin C to the fullest potential to prevent and combat disease.

Vitamin C. What Does The C Stand For? For CRUCIAL If You Ask Me

"You saying this vitamin C stuff more valuable than treasure!?! "

Let me first tell you the significance of vitamin C before I show you how it works in the body.

Without vitamin C, your body will literally break down.

Ever heard of what happened to pirates back in the days (around the 1700's and 1800's)?

When they sailed for long periods of time (up to years) overseas?

They developed scurvy.

A cruel disease where our bones break down, your gums bleed, your hair and teeth fall out, you easily bruise, and more gruesome stuff...

And if not treated it will lead to a very slow and painful death.

"Guess how I lost this arm lad. It's a long painful story..."

Did you know: Pirates with severe cases of scurvy on their arms or legs had to get it amputated (cut off) with a saw? Imagine downing a bottle of rum and then boom, surgery by saw? The life of a pirate... brutal.

So how did doctors treat scurvy back then?

Simply with a few lemons and oranges.

Yes, it was that simple.

You only need about 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C a day. (That's about an orange).

But even though you need only about 1 orange a day to not be deficient in vitamin C, still 1 in 10 people are deficient in it in developed countries.

Actually, scurvy is making a comeback.

This is obviously not good.

How Vitamin C Works In The Body

The thing about vitamin C is that you need to take it everyday (That means you have to eat your fruits and veggies every day).

You know how you're supposed to brush your teeth and shower every day?

The same should be true for vitamin C (and the other 12 essential vitamin and minerals for good health).

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin.

Basically, your body cannot store vitamin C for future use.

If you take too much vitamin C, your body will throw away the excessive amount of vitamin C it does not need. (It throws it out through your urine. Yuck!).

So when people supplement on too much vitamin C, most of the time they are just throwing it all out (including their money).

There is a good time to supplement on vitamin C though. And that's when you're sick.

That's because when you're sick, your body requires a lot more nutrients to sustain itself and combat disease.

I'll show you why and how to do it effectively in the next section.

So once you give your body it's daily requirements of vitamin C, you will have to do so again the next day.

And the next day and the next day and the next day.

You must do this every day so your vitamin C levels stay optimized.

Too bad your body cannot produce vitamin C on its own.

If it did, the pirates back in the days would have not suffered from that terrible disease scurvy.

Did you know: A lot of animals have the capability to produce their own vitamin C except us humans? I guess nature wants us to work the fields hard in other to survive!

Vitamin C is considered to be one of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals you need to be taking every day.

They are essential because you must get them from outside sources like your diet, the environment, or supplements.

If you don't get them, your health will suffer.

So make sure you eat your fruits, veggies, plants, and anything colorful DAILY to get your vitamin C.

With all that said, why are some people deficient in Vitamin C and developing scurvy?

Well, we all know those people that don't eat a single fruit or vegetable almost ever.

I encourage you to encourage them to eat their fruit and veggies.

"This is what needs to be on your plate every day!"

The benefits of Vitamin C and How To Supplement When You're Getting Sick

What is vitamin C good for anyways?

Vitamin C, like most vitamin and minerals, are good for almost everything.

There are certain specific things vitamin C is good for though.

But generally, you shouldn't rely on specific vitamins or nutrients to prevent or solve your health.issues.

For example...

Vitamin C, just like many other nutrietns can help prevent and treat cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and so on. (And remember, prevention is always better).

It will also help improve circulation, build strong bones, teeth, and joints, help would healing, help recover from exercise, and on and on...

Vitamin C is usually associated with boosting immune system, repairing tissue like cuts and bruises, and for its antioxidant capabilities.

"Ok lad! Give me that vitamin C. Here, take my treasure!"

But as I said, don't get the focus just on one vitamin or even a few for your entire health.

Just make sure you're getting vitamin C every day from vitamin C foods or through a good food-based supplement.

And make sure if you supplement, it's food-based. Not the straight pure vitamin C that's sold as ascorbic acid. I'll tell you why in a bit.

One thing that's good to know about vitamin C is that it helps absorb iron.

So those who suffer from anemia (usually found amongst people deficient in iron) or related diseases should check out their vitamin C levels.

You Need More Vitamin C When You're Sick

When you get sick, your body uses up more of its nutrients in order to combat disease.

Your body will need more nutrients, including vitamin C, to combat disease.

Usually, if you supplement with too much vitamin C, your body will just throw it out because it does not need it (through your urine).

But when you're sick, your body will use up more vitamin C you give it to combat disease.

When you're sick, your body has to handle everyday functions plus it must handle the disease it's fighting.

So it's good to intake more vitamin C through supplementing when you're sick.

The Proper Way To Supplement On Vitamin C

"Arrrgh! Take a shot with me. No, no, no. Not rum.Jeez. I'm talking about orange juice!"

Some people would chug up to a thousand or more mg of vitamin C in hopes of getting a super duper immune system.

Although you won't cause serious harm taking a bunch of vitamin C (your body will just pee it out if it does not need it), I don't think it's necessary or even effective.

First of all... the immune system and your body is much more complicated than that.

You can't build off a super-duper immune system off just one vitamin.

Second, vitamin C capsules as ascorbic acid, does not work effectively in the body by itself.

That's because vitamin C works synergistically with other nutrients.

That means vitamin C is absorbed and works better when it's combined with other nutrients.

For example, vitamin C is absorbed and used better with calcium.

Vitamin C also works better with certain flavonoids (healthy chemicals found in plants life).

So... How are you supposed to optimize vitamin C in your body so it can work best for you?

Well, if you eat your fruits and vegetable every day, you wouldn't have to worry about any of this.

That's because fruits and vegetables have all these vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and other natural compounds nicely packed together... as nature intended.

Nature has perfectly packaged all the nutrients you need, in the right amounts, and in the right synergy.

(Nature knows best).

So if you're looking to optimize your levels of vitamin C, which I highly recommend when you're sick, then eat more oranges! (or other fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C).

And make sure you eat them every day. (When you're not sick, you only need about one fruit a day to get adequate amounts of vitamin C).

If you're sick then you must ramp up on more fruit and veggies to get more vitamin C and other nutrients.

If you're gonna supplement, then I highly recommend you get a supplement made out of real food.

The supplement will have vitamin C and a whole bunch of other nutrients that work better when they are put together.

You don't need extremely high doses of vitamin C for a badass immune system. Having the right amount of nutrients in the right balance is much better.

Real food from nature is perfectly balanced with the right amount of nutrients and the right type of nutrients that work best together.

Real food supplements have ingredients like herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables, and so on.

If you were to get a supplement to get more vitamin C, then I suggest getting one that has stuff like berries or green veggies.

Something like this:

You don't have to buy the product I just linked to (unless you want to).

I'm just showing you an example of how the ingredients should look on a supplement so you can get the most nutrition for the money you pay.

Vitamin C As Another Weapon To Combat Coronavirus

"Let's get em boys. Let's destroy this coronavirus!"

In this little sub-section, I wanna talk just a little bit about how intaking more vitamin C while sick with coronavirus can help you.

Before talking about how vitamin C can help you combat COVID, I want you to check this link out:

Let me start by saying this: vitamin C or any other nutrients are not a cure for coronavirus.

You will see a lot of information out there telling you that vitamin C or other natural substances don't help you at all.

That's true if you think all you need is vitamin C and you can do whatever else to combat coronavirus.

Your body and its immune system are a complicated thing.

There will never be a single nutrient that can ultimately help your body or cure a disease.

Vitamin C is just another way to help your immune system.

The more you help your immune system out, the more likely it is to overcome diseases.

There are no guarantees here.

I'm just here to show you how to improve your overall health a step at a time.

So now that that's said, here are a few specific ways vitamin C helps your immune system out if you wanted to know.

Vitamin C can:

  • Helps produce white blood cells (your immune system warriors) called lymphocytes and phagocytes that are responsible for fighting infection.
  • Protects immune cells (and other cells) from oxidative stress (also called free radicals). Oxidative stress can damage your cells and organs and cause inflammation. Vitamin C also helps lessen the damage and inflammation caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin C helps absorb iron in your body. And iron helps the immune system.
  • Vitamin C improves blood flow, which helps your immune system transport faster and more white blood cells to an infected area. Increased blood flow also helps transport out any trash in your system caused by the disease or other circumstances.

There you go :).

Way To Go - One Step Further To Optimal Health!

"Good job lads. Another treasure taken home!"

Thank you for reading (if you did read and not just scrolled down here, lol).

You're now one step closer to optimal health with this nugget of knowledge.

Be sure to come back and read my next post (which is gonna be pretty darn important!) if you want to keep increasing your knowledge for your health.

Make sure you apply these concepts because knowledge without application is useless.

And make sure you share this post with others because you might be helping them out tremendously! Again, thanks!