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This website is gonna be all about learning. Learning all kinds of stuff. So if you're into learning, then you're welcome.

Who Am I?

Don't worry about it right now. For now, I remain a mystery...

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By the way... I must say this so I don't get sued: I'm no doctor and everything I say you shouldn't believe. Read what I have to say, and then decide if it's for you. Thank you very much.

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During these hard times, you just never know. It might save your life or someone else's.


If you want to check out other stuff I have written, check out the success and discipline subject. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Life is miserable, if not pointless, without your health. Do whatever you can to protect it. Because believe me, not only will no one protect your health, others will find ways to exploit it for profit or fun.

Discipline and Success

This section is for those who want to succeed in life and not make excuses.